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Leg pain and cramping that’s worse at night or when you exercise can make daily life miserable. Help is available at Washington Vascular Specialists in Takoma Park, Largo, and Frederick, Maryland. Mubashar Choudry, MD, has been providing expert care and effective treatments for men and women with leg pain and cramping for more than two decades. Call or schedule a visit today to enjoy relief.

Leg Pain/Cramping Q & A

What causes leg pain and cramping?

Leg pain and cramping that’s worse at night or during physical activity, like walking or exercise, might feel like a pulled muscle but may indicate one of the following health conditions that’s far more serious:

  • Peripheral artery disease (PAD)
  • Peripheral neuropathy
  • Poor circulation in your legs
  • Diabetes
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Atherosclerosis

Medications for high blood pressure and high cholesterol can also cause leg pain and cramping and require monitoring by Dr. Choudry to reduce negative side effects.

What increases my risk for leg pain and leg cramps?

The following health conditions can increase your risk of developing pain and cramping in your legs:

  • Coronary artery disease (CAD)
  • High blood pressure
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes

If you have been diagnosed with these conditions and suffer from leg pain and cramping, Dr. Choudry devises a treatment plan that provides relief.

How is leg pain or cramping diagnosed?

Dr. Choudry begins by discussing your medical history and symptoms. Next, he performs a physical examination that includes checking the blood flow in your legs through pulse and blood pressure readings, stretching the muscles in your legs, and applying pressure to problem areas to check for abnormalities.

If Dr. Choudry suspects a vascular issue related to the blood vessels in your legs is present, he performs a diagnostic ultrasound by gliding a wand that combines Doppler and ultrasound over your leg to create an image of your blood vessels.

With this image, Dr. Choudry measures the amount of blood flow in your legs and any areas of reduced blood flow.

How are leg pain and cramping treated?

Depending on your diagnosis, Dr. Choudry provides appropriate treatment recommendations. In mild cases, lifestyle changes like improving your diet, increasing your exercise, and quitting smoking can reduce your symptoms. He may also prescribe medication to relieve cramping or manage prescriptions causing the leg pain and cramping.

In moderate to severe cases or in cases of PAD, Dr. Choudry performs minimally-invasive endovascular and surgical treatments to widen the blood vessels affected by atherosclerosis, improve blood flow, and relieve discomfort.

In other cases, Dr. Choudry works with a team of specialists and refers you to the best doctor for your needs.

If leg pain and cramping interfere with your life or cause you to lose sleep, call Dr. Choudry or schedule a consultation online today.

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