James Rothstein, M.D.

Vascular Surgeon located in Takoma Park, MD & Frederick, MD

About Dr. Rothstein

Washington Vascular Specialist and the chief medical officer, Dr Mubashar Choudry, welcomes on board certified Vascular Surgeon Dr James Rothstein.

Dr James Rothstein’s areas of expertise include a wide range of over 400 cases annually of vascular procedures including open and endovascular lower extremity revascularization including total occlusions, full range of dialysis access including creation, fistulagram, treatment of thrombosed accesses. Dr Rothstein also posses an impressive range of venous practices and treatment; to include but not limited to endovenous ablations, micro phlebectomy, and sclerotherapy foam and liquid.

Rothstein, most recently practiced at Portsmouth Regional Hospital and has spent almost 19 years in the Navy, with 15 years of active service. He has participated in some of the most memorable military war tours including Afghanistan in the Middle East, Desert Storm, and Guantanamo Bay in the Philippines. He is certified in wound care with 10 years of experience with previous directorship of a numerous wound care centers. He demonstrates extreme knowledge of peripheral artery disease by being the previous director of two peripheral angiography departments with responsibility involving the teaching of technique and anatomy to the staff.

Dr James Rothstein has numerous publications and accolades and Washington Vascular Specialist are completely excited to partner with him and deliver the most comprehensive vascular experiences and services this area has to offer.


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